Latest Mobile Gambling Apps

For those that enjoy betting online, there are options that can also be accessed using mobile devices. Many of the top rated betting sites will provide registered members with access to a mobile app or platform that will allow for on the go betting so punters never miss out on the chance to place bets and win real money. While not every betting app is created equally, they do all offer great ways to enjoy the best sports action and have amazing chances to generate payouts on wagers that are placed. Many of the best sites also present some spectacular bonuses that can offer free cash and free bets to enhance the betting experience and offer more ways to win. What's more, these apps often come with a wide variety of games offered to players. After you are done placing your bets, you can spend time playing poker, blackjack, slots, and even bingo games for even more chances to win real money rewards.

Leading Betting Apps for Mobile

Betting apps have become very popular and with so many bettors making use of mobile platforms, there are tons of apps that will cater to the needs of any punter. There are always new and exciting betting and sports apps that are being introduced and these can offer outstanding odds, great paying bonuses and excellent options for any sports enthusiast. Here, we review some of the latest and greatest mobile betting apps that will surely offer a thrilling experience and some fantastic ways to generate payouts and for fans to share great moments and relive highlights from some of the greatest sporting events.

1. Clippit - Clippit is not actually a betting site, but is a great app for any fan of the Super Bowl or other major sporting events. With this app, members will be able to share memorable moments and game highlights with others. The app is able to capture up to 30 seconds of live footage and then makes it shareable so that users can share on social media sites. Clippit can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices and is an easy app to use.

2. NFL Mobile - Football fans will want to make sure they get the latest NFL Mobile app so they never miss out on anything happening. With this app, fans will stay updated throughout the season and will receive all breaking news, stats, game highlights and more. The app can be accessed on mobile phones and tablets and offers amazing action. Anyone that wants to stay up to date on the latest NFL live matches and events will benefit from using this app. With all of the recent stats, it makes for a great resource for those that place sports bets online. With this app, information from all 32 teams in the league is available and members will also have access to the NFL Shop, NFL Game Pass and much more.

3. Tunity - Many sports fans will enjoy betting online, but they also watch the big games. While a number of sports enthusiasts will head to a bar or party to get in on the action, they are not always to hear the commentary or the plays as they happen. This is where Tunity comes into play. This app is perfect for any sports bettor as it offers the ability to scan any television nearby to hear live feeds right through a mobile device. This app is perfect for situations where it is difficult to hear the TV as the game is played live and is even a perfect solution for living in small spaces with others. With this app, one can hear all the live action without interrupting others.

4. Odds - The Odds sports betting app is one of the newer releases that is available on Android and iOS devices and this features live odds, spreads, scores, breaking news, the latest injury reports and much more. All of the information is sent right to the mobile device and public betting trends are tracked, offering the most up to date information for any punter. The unique betting app that is featured is fast loading and very easy to use, making this a top app choice for beginner bettors.

5. LeoVegas - LeoVegas is an established online casino that also offers a sports betting app and members can use the same account to place wagers on top sports events. The mobile betting app is available for iOS and Android devices and can also be accessed in an instant play version. When using the app, bettors will find it easy to navigate and they will choose their sport and then options, including Live and Upcoming, Browse XXX and Outrights. The setup of the app makes it user-friendly and a great option for those new to betting. LeoVegas is one of the most trusted betting apps offered and it can lead to some great returns.

6. Thuuz - Thuuz is an amazing sports betting guide that can deliver all of the latest information on major sports from around the world. This app is quite unique and one can get info on recent games, upcoming events and live games. The app delivers real-time alerts, which can be beneficial to those that are placing bets at sports betting sites as they will have all of the up to date information needed to make successful wagers.