Uncover the Best Sports Wagering Sites for Canada

American gamblers who frequently travel to Canada for business or pleasure enjoy online gambling in all of its forms. Learning about the different options for betting for Canadians can help these travelers find the best venues for placing sports bets on all of their favorite teams.

Finding the Best Venue

The first step in finding the best Canadian online betting sites involves choosing a site that offers everything the gambler wants. There are some sites that specialize in only a few different events like baseball, football and hockey. There are others, however, that will allow a gambler to place wagers on almost anything, including college games, lacrosse, cricket and others that are more obscure. Another thing to remember is to check the safety being offered by the site since gamblers spend their hard-earned money here. Finally, it is imperative to find a venue that offers information regarding the various events upon which gamblers can place bets. Many of them do this these days and it certainly makes things easier.

Sportsbooks Welcoming US Players

Canadian players are often advised to stay away from the sportsbooks that welcome US players with open arms because online sports betting is illegal south of the border. However, it is just as important to consider that the gamblers themselves are not the ones who are prosecuted in the event that they choose to place a wager anyway. The US government has made it illegal for banks to transfer funds to online casinos or sportsbooks, so US players who choose to place wagers in these venues are at risk for losing their money if the FBI catches on and chooses to shut the venue down.

Payment Options

Online betting for Canadians is made simpler with the availability of hundreds of different payment options. Of course, the majority of the country enjoys using their credit and debit cards since these transactions are simple, instant and safe. However, there are still those who feel unsecure when it comes to providing their information to online sportsbooks, and this is where e-wallet services come into play. Most of the Canadian sportsbooks offer the availability to pay via Moneybookers, EntroPay, Neteller, Ukash and other similar services in order to make the entire process simpler and easier. Of course, bank wire transfers and electronic checks are also accepted in many of these venues.

Online vs. In Person

The online venues often offer much better odds than betting in person at off-site or off-track bricks and mortar venues. There are plenty of Canadian provinces offering sportsbooks through the lottery commissions, but these often have poor odds for the players and the payouts are minimal. Online sportsbooks, on the other hand, offer players the opportunity to choose their odds and their payouts before they ever place wagers. This means that there are more possibilities and the player can ultimately determine whether he or she wants to wager a little or a lot for a chance to win big.