Tips For Betting On Formula One Racing This Year

The upcoming Formula One season, which many enthusiasts believe will be one of the most exciting and unpredictable yet, has a number of rule changes this time which could really be a game changer when it comes to investing in a winner. Betting on Formula One racing can still be profitable if you know what you're doing, so here are a few tips to help keep you informed.

Should You Bet on the Pole Position?

When it comes to finding value in the winner market, the key is to know when you should the pole position or a deeper runner in the pack. Although the "pole sitter" is typically a favorite in pre-race odds, sometimes it can actually make more sense to pick a different driver. Pay close attention to pre-race testing as well as qualifying races in order to learn insider details on which teams are struggling to adapt to the new rules and which teams are doing well - engine reliability problems or poor pit stop performance are a couple of the more obvious ways to knock a top starter down in the running.

Pole Qualification Tips

Pole qualification bets are a little more about solid car performance than fancy strategies. When you remove the in-race factors, the best car is simply most likely to take poll. With new chassis across the board as well as powertrains thanks to the new regulations, time will have to tell which teams will rise and which will sink. Don't automatically jump to back a team with fast practice sessions, as their potentially misleading times can get them favored in qualifying odds unduly. Sometimes really great teams don't show their hand at practice and save their real surprises for qualifying.

Beating the Fastest Lap

Another type of betting on Formula One that many fans eagerly place is for the fastest lap. This will usually be determined at the very end of the event, when the cars can run faster due to their fuel load burning off. The winner here can seem a little arbitrary since there are no championship points awarded for this feat - last season, more often than not the fastest lap win was achieved by a driver who did not end up finishing first. To find the value here, be on the lookout for fast cars who are not necessarily in a favorable starting position, but will push hard at the end in hopes of picking up championship points. Selecting a number two driver on a good team is usually a pretty valuable bet in this situation.

Constructors Championship

In the Constructors Championship, betting on Formula One racing is about racking up team points and going the distance all season. Factory teams are often able to take advantage when there are dynamic rules changes, thanks to their ability to develop a chassis and engines together. Don't be taken in by one winner of a couple early races - rather, look at cars that are running reliably and with the most consistency. Mercedes is favored in the current market but time will tell if they are able to best Ferrari with a performance from Nico Rosberg.

Driver's Championship

In the Driver's Championship market, barring an upset from a lower team, the title is highly likely to be snagged by a "big 4" driver so remember this when betting on Formula One. Vettel, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Alonso are in their own league when it comes to talent and any one of them could win it all. It can be difficult to figure out where the value lies, but if you pay close enough attention you can pick up some details. Vettel may have an edge, talent-wise, over the others, but his new car is clearly giving him problems in testing. Hamilton's odds of 4.50 look good, but he needs to work on his starting form - he failed to capitalize on four consecutive polls over the last season. Alonso and Raikkonen, both in Ferraris, are worth serious consideration even if their qualifying odds have dropped.

Betting on Formula One is tough on beginners, but once you really pay attention in testing and qualifying you will start to become immersed in the inner workings of the sport. These tips should give you some ideas of what to do in this coming season, and when you start to see some results you will be greatly encouraged to stick with it. Above all, try to have a good time and enjoy the excitement of where the season takes us.