Betting On Tennis: Know Your Stats

Statistics are extremely important to consider whenever you are making a wager on a sport. This is true for when betting on tennis as well. When wagering in football, the system may take into account the date from the teams, including the wins and losses, and results from both home games and away. Quite similarly, a system for tennis would want to include the performance and characteristics of the player that you are interested in. This information is then used for studying the system. Here are some important stats to consider.


How often an individual serves an ace when compared to their opponent can often affect the outcome of the match. The advantage often goes to the person who is serving. If a contender is particularly good at serving the ball, this information can be used to assume that they have an advantage in the match. For this reason, when considering a system, the statistical parameter of how many aces each individual averages could be used to determine who might have a higher chance of winning.


Another factor is how often a professional will break their opponents serve. This is the opposite of the last situation involving aces. This information can help provide a more accurate approach to making the wager when evaluating both athletes. If one of the athletes in the match does not have as many aces, but they have the capability of handling more breaks, they may even up the game quite a bit. However, if the person is not great on breaks or aces, the odds will be in favor of their opponent. The reason for this is because they will win more balls when they serve and they also are going to be able to deal with the balls that are served to them.

Unforced Errors

When a person misses it can result in a point for their opponent. One example of this is when a ball either hits the net or goes out of bounds. When considering the stats, the more unforced errors that the person has, the easier it is going to be on their opponent. When considering most of the top performers of the world, this statistic is not going to be a big deal as anyone that plays at this high of a level typically will not make many errors. However, when venturing down the list of professionals you may find that this statistic may help when trying to choose a winner of a particular game.

Other Stats to Consider

The 3 stats that are listed above are the most important ones. These are the most relative to how each individual does in competition. When trying to create a betting system for tennis, these are the stats that should always be considered first. However, it is also important to make sure to consider the speed and the strength of the athletes. Strong strokes will require the opponent to have a reaction that is much more immediate. The strategy is also important to consider. This includes how close they typically stay towards the net, what their favorite stroke is, either forehand or backhand, and the relation of distinction for those who are either right handed or left handed. The dominant hand will affect how they interact with each other and one should always check out whether a person plays with their right or left hand and how they stack up against players with the same hand dominance and those with a different hand dominance.


When it comes to betting on tennis there are many things that must be considered. This is a game of skill and athleticism. Each of the matches that are played will need to be considered as there are many things that can affect the outcome of the game. Some of the professionals are better on grass courts and others play well on the clay courts. Even the temperature can affect the statistics of the athlete. When planning to make a bet on any given tennis match it is a good idea to carefully study each of the people involved and come up with a system that will give you the best odds of choosing the person who might win. Betting on tennis can be a fun and perhaps even profitable way to make the game much more interesting while you are watching as long as you do it carefully.